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What's Next and Where Do We Go From Here?

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[Saturday, 07/January/2023]

So, you may be asking at this point, "What's next and where do we go from here"?Β  Well, to be quite honest, that's not exactly clear at the moment.
Why you may ask?Β  Well, for one thing, I think I've pretty exhausted all - - well at least most (there is "more" but I'm not quite sure if I should be releasing all that just yet - the material I have "on file" at this time.
Plus, as I've already noted at least a couple of times, I'm pretty much in kind of a "holding pattern" if/until I hear back more from the "back office" Upstairs in regards to the remaining details of the whole what I like to affectionately refer to as the "11:34 Spiritual Networking Reconfiguration Project."Β  Know what I mean?
So, until such time if/when I find out more, I'll likely be taking some well deserved "time off" - quite possibly even some extended time off - from further development of the website/further page additions/updates to this online web-based "book."
Thank you again for taking time out of your busy life to spend it here with me today.Β  Take care, and may God bless you and yours not only now - in this moment - but for all moments from now until the end of time.
With ALL my love,


[8:23am CST - Saturday, 07/January/2023]

Wait, please don't leave just yet!Β  I just got back to the house from a men's fellowship meeting for my church and I'm fairly darn sure I've now been granted access to the rest of the missing pieces to this "spiritual puzzle" of sorts as well as how all the pieces actually fit together!
Please continue to the next page in this book whenever you're ready to "witness" what I believe to now be the final "Word" on the subject.