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The Morning After πŸ˜₯

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[Friday, 06/January/2023]

Part of me can't believe I'm still alive this morning.Β  These past two days have at at times been pure elation/pure bliss/pure almost everything.Β  But other times, it's been absolute pure hell on earth!


[10:49pm CST - Wednesday, 18/January/2023] Completely Inappropriate Content Now Marked out in Strike-Through Font Below from the original page creation date posted above.

I've also added a nice song video that - when I heard it this morning in the car on my way home from the dentist office - made me almost immediately recognize that adding a link to an embedded Youtube video of it might just a "good thing" to complement this sincere "forgiveness request" from our Father in Heaven.

My sincerest apologies.Β  I obviously could have simply removed the two paragraphs below that has crossed out, but in trying my best to keep in the original spirit of the choice I initially made to not hide my mistakes, miscues, misinterpretations, misunderstandings and corrective actions I need to place on myself, I've made the now easy decision to "leave it in" for anyone else whoΒ  might stumble across this webpage.

Hiding my mistakes == Prideful Move in the Wrong Direction

Admitting my mistakes == Humble Move in [Hopefully] the Right Direction

Hope you now understand my thought process on the matter.


Wish "Someone" had warned me about all that I was about subject myself to - as well as my dear, dear wife and soulmateΒ - before I accepted this "gig."
Oh well, too late now.Β  Nothing I can do about it.


Father God, if You can still hear me, if You are still willing to accept my apology, please, PLEASE, let me just sayΒ how incredibly sorry I am!Β  PLEASE Dear God, Please, I BEG of You, PLEASE forgive me!Β  I PROMISE You I that I will do EVERYTHING within MY POWER to never, EVER, let that happen again!Β  PLEASE!Β 
In your Son's name, Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!


That's all for today.Β  God bless whoever might happen to stumble across this page.
Peace, Joy and Happiness to you for all of your days (now, I just pray that some day/some way those graces will be returned back to me as well).
Please keep my wife and I in your prayers.
Thank you and God Bless!