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Taking Some Much Needed Time Off From "Work"

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[3:11pm CST - Sunday, 08/Saturday/2023]

Hi everyone!  Just thought I'd let everyone know that I have decided to force myself to take some much needed Personal Time Off (PTO) covering the following dates:

3:11pm CST - Sunday, 08/January/2023
Saturday, 04/February/2023 (End of Day)

I know good and well how my mind works at times, and I can guarantee that if I didn't post this notice to the website, that I would continue to make updates, create new pages, and probably most importantly, I know that I would continue to keep trying to "connect the dots" relentlessly until one fact-of-human-life would eventually catch up with me.
And what fact would that be?  Simply the fact that human beings cannot go for days and days on end without adequate sleep (granted, I definitely have been getting sleep, but not anywhere near the standard that I would normally set for myself - that being 8+ hours a night!)
For me, myself, the way my body's wired, if I don't get a good solid eight hours or more of sleep each night it really starts "throwing off my game."  So, you see, I already find myself in dangerous territory by violating my own unwritten rule when it comes to the hours of sleep I expect to get each night.
For another, the material that I'm considering covering next makes solving the whole "11:34" puzzle look like child's play IMHO!  It's not that it's that difficult [I believe] to decipher.  I already have a pretty darn good idea of who/how this is all likely to play out.
But the fact that in order to do that - again, this is what my belief system is telling me at this moment - of course, I could be wrong - will require me to go deeper into myself than I previously would ever have been willing to go.  Let's just say it's going to take me some time to prepare myself before I'd be willing to "go there" then turn right around and share it with others on the site.
Essentially what I'm trying to "get at" is that starting at 3:11:04pm CST today, Sunday, 08/January/2023, I'm making a promise to myself to do no further work on the site or make any further updates to the content of this online, web-based "book" until [at least] 12:00am - Sunday, 05/February/2023.

Thank you for your understanding.