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So What's Next?

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[7:08pm CST - Friday, 13/January/2023]


Good question!Β  Not quite sure yet :-).Β  These brief moments of inspiration seem to hit me all at once at complete random times.Β  For example, this afternoon about an hour ago, maybe 2:30am in the morning!Β  I never really know to be quite honest.
All I do know is that I am having a complete and utter blast so far with "Season 2" 🫠.
[update 6:55pm CST - Friday, 13/January/2023: All work on "Season 2" content has now been completed]
I honestly think that all of the moments of total, complete and absolutely overwhelming stress, frustration and, sadly, [extreme] anger at times just last week while posting content for "Season 1" is now - at least for the far-better most part - behind me/us.
More to come soon I suspect.Β  Til' next time...
With ALL My Love,


"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit we pray, Amen!"