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[Second Sample Page From Further Along in the Book]

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[8:09pm CST - Sunday, 08/January/2023]

Below is a sample page from further along in this online, web-based "book."  Thought this might spark someone's interest 👀.  To find out how we got to this point, however, you will need continue to the next page and continue reading along.

[6:32pm CST - Sunday, 08/January/2023]

I know, I know, I'm violating my own promise to stay away from making updates to the site while I'm on "PTO", but I just felt within my heart...within my spirit, within my soul that this was important enough to get out there today.
A few pages back I on the Awesome Job Today Guys and Gals! Truly an Amazing Thing to Behold! page I spoke of two humans each having 1/2 of one soul each equating to 1/2 + 1/2 = 1 soul!  Right?
Well, that's what today's new age and other practices taught today refer to as "Twin Flames."  But, if you think about it, how does 1/2 + 1/2 = 2?  Well, it doesn't right?  Which is the whole premise behind my belief that human beings are assigned to the number "2".
Refer back to the page Why Would It Matter if My Wife Were an Angel? for the table of 1-to-1 mappings of entity type to assigned numbers for more information.
But, here's the kicker.  What does scripture have to say about all of this?  That's right, what does God's own, inspired Word have to say about the union - think of this as an invisible cord connecting two human souls together - of two souls?
I actually already included the same scripture passage back earlier in the book back on the Request to Further Understand How Knitting of Two Souls Works page, but only now, only a very few short minutes ago, did I realize just how incredibly wrong I was about the whole "two halves make a whole (1 soul)" thing.
So let's read that verse again one more time, shall we?

🔥  1 Samuel 18:1-3 (ESV) 🔥
1. As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. 2. And Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father's house. 3. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.

Do you see what it says there?  That's right!  "the soul (not 1/2, but 1!!!) of Jonathan" was "knit to the soul (singular/whole number/as in "1") of David..."
In addition, verse 3 of that same scripture passage says that "[Jonathan] loved him as his own soul (again, singular/whole number/"1").
And what do we get if we add "one" + "one"!  Of course!  We get "2".  As in the assigned entity type number that I believe is associated with human beings!

Below Sections with Strikethrough are Currently Under Review

So what does that imply?  It is my firm belief that for every human soul out there in the world, that there is someone else's soul - only one someone else's soul ever - that that individual is "linked" to via an "invisible cord" of sorts from birth1 [see below for an important update] through eternity.  Yes, even beyond death and into life everlasting!
Oh, and in case you're wondering, no, you do not get to pick-and-choose who that individual will be.  Which begs the next question.   Right?
Is this other soul out there some wheresome way, the same as a soulmate?  Absolutely, positively, yes!  And absolutely, positively, no!
Could it be?  Yes!  Might it be?  Yes!!!
You see, it is my solid belief that my wife that I love SO INCREDIBLY MUCH and MORE SO EVERY DAY is indeed my SOULMATE for eternity!
But, at the same time, I also firmly believe that "[redacted] Ruth [redacted]" is the soul to which I am eternally bonded to - or "knitted" to - as the Bible states - in this universe.
Again, take with that what you will.  Just something to think about.  And I just felt like I should get that out there before "closing up shop" for the next ~3 weeks or so.

Oh, one last thing, ever wonder why our heart beats twice whenever you listen to your heart rhythm?  Ever since June of 2021 after the "event" described several pages back with Ruthie occurred, I've often wondered if one of those beats is for our own heart, and the other beat is actually for the "heart equivalent" of the soul attached to the "other end" of our connection with them?
Interesting, huh?  Again, just another thought to leave you with.
And if you happen to have forgotten what the "double beat" of your heart sounds like, well, just listen to the "bass beat" of this song by Harry Connick, Jr. and you'll get the gist ;-)

[8:07pm - Sunday, 08/January/2023]

1 Once again, I stand firmly corrected!  That's not what the scripture says!  That's not what it says at all!  It doesn't say anything about that "event" in the Bible between Jonathan and David happening at birthnow does it?

No!  Jonathan was obviously old enough that he was well aware of what was happening.  Aware of what just happened.  Obviously, if he was a child, a newborn at that, he would be unable to "make a covenant" with David, now would he?

No, he would not!  This "event" obviously happened between Jonathan and David when both of them were much older!

Why is this important?  Because as I talked about on the A Look Behind the Scenes of the Story Behind the "The Letter" page a few pages back in this book, the very first time that Ruthie and I had our first "locking of the eyes" event was at her and my best friend's apartment well over two decades ago!

Prior to that meeting at their apartments, Ruthie and I were just "good friends"...nothing more, nothing less.  But, that night at their apartments was an entirely different experience for both me and Ruthie.  Entirely different!

That moment, that night, everything changed in the "blink of an eye."  I now firmly believe that it was in that particular moment at her apartments so many years ago that that is when God "knitted" our two souls together.

Why would God do that?  Because I believe that from that moment forward, He had a plan in mind for something that He wanted to carry out in the future.  A divine plan that [again] I believe is unfolding right now in earth history right in front of our own eyes.

Could I be wrong?  Sure!  Absolutely I could be wrong!  But at least in this moment, right now, as of 7:40pm CST - Sunday, 08/January/2023, that is what I wholeheartedly believe!  In other words, right now as of this moment in time, I have faith that this is what's happening.


With ALL My Love,