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Perfection Imperfectively Perfected!

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[Wednesday, 06/January/2023]

Truth or Fiction?  What do you think?  Are the scenarios described below a small glimpse into the dreams and visions of someone granted a powerful interpersonal connection with the One True God of the Old Testament?  Or are the ideas and concepts described below nothing more than the nonsensical ramblings and regurgitations of a person suffering from the severe horrors of intense psychological delusions resulting from the toll of what's recently been coined as an "unprepared and unexpected spiritual awakening/emergency resulting in potentially one or more forms of likely undiagnosed, complex degrees of multi-symptom psychosis?" (in my own words)

As this person's self-proclaimed claim goes into significant detail explaining, the reason that Heaven (11) and Earth (34) were "configured" in that way instead of the balanced/mirrored configuration of Heaven 11/Earth 11 was that the "11:34" configuration was simply a temporary configuration in order to allow the "One" True God to venture down from His throne in Heaven in order to visit His creation on Earth - well, supposedly just one of His human creations in particular - without the "incredibly unstable and dangerous environment created whenever the "one" - think in terms of one "bit" of binary computer data as in only dealing in zeros and ones - is "not effectively attached/ bonded to two additional, free "spiritual equivalents" of one single "atom" molecules. i.e. these other single atom molecules cannot have an existing bond with any other elements.  Thus, the other two single molecule "atoms" are also then free to roam the universe alone due to their in-ate nature and are thus free/available to bond to two other single molecule "atoms" due to the laws of equivalency by their inherit nature.

Evidently, in chemistry, the resulting attachment of these three, single property "atoms" then forms what is known as a "triple bond."  In some ways, I guess that does sort of come across as at least an interesting self-professed theory on the subject.

You might want to take note that there is evidently a considerable "treasure trove" of additional content, more theories, propositions - and thus, their natural assumptions counterpoint - as well as other material that just doesn't appear to fit within the confines of what we would typically label as "traditional" categorical classification.

This is just the bare tip of the iceberg though folks.  For example, as it stands right now, you have no idea what the number "1" has to do with God the Father, right?  And what if I told you the "number" for Christ was "2".  Holy Spirit...well, He would be a "4".  Why?  Sadly, that will have to wait for another day.  It's been a very interesting day today to say the least - 04/January/2023 - to put it lightly.  It should be interesting to find out what tomorrow has in store.  But, enough about all that.  I've gotta run for now.  I am absolutely exhausted!

Anyway, that's about it for now.  If any of this subject matter happens to "resonate" with you so to speak, I would just encourage you to add a bookmark linking back to the site and keep it handy somewhere for the next time you're considering dropping back by to check the various pages for additional updates.

Below is a visual representation of what the Heavenly/Earthly spiritual "connections" to/from the One True God were just prior to the 11:11am event correlation on Wednesday, 04/January/2023 


Earlier this morning in Heaven...

❤️  🤗  💙

...while at the same exact time, this is what was happening down here on planet Earth


However, if whatever this person is now proclaiming changed in the equivalent of the "twinkling of an eye" occurred at precisely 11:00am CST on Wednesday, 04/January/2023, well, I guess that would be quite the claim indeed!  Who knows?  I certainly do not, but perhaps there might be someone out there who understands how the universe is thought to work in relation to the Godhead and the Virgin Mary of our biblical texts?

Who knows?  If I were to venture a guess though obviously, I'd have to go with my gut and say "absolutely no way dude (or dudette), right?  I mean right?  I'm guessing the only way that we humans down here on Earth could even begin to fathom a means of detecting such incredibly subtle changes in the fabric of space and time - yet imagine a single molecule atom with the unlimited power of the One True God - would likely be something so far beyond the scope of  today's scientific understanding, that effectively, we as human beings simply do not have the ability to detect such a change in the "spiritual network routing" from the proposed "11:34" configuration to a new and improved, fully redundant  "11:11" HA configuration, thus completing one of the "requirements" listed in the bible of having the [paraphrasing] "same [spiritual network layout] above as below."

And here is what that "spiritual network configuration" now looks like as of Wednesday, 04/January/2023 starting at exactly 11:11am CST

11 it is in Heaven

❤️  🤗  💙

Thy Will be done on Earth... 



Dedicating this absolutely perfect song selection (embedded Youtube video above) that just so happens to go side by side with the details of "the event" as described from earlier in the day - 04/January/2023 @ 11:11am CST to be exact - rather nicely!  Can you feel a difference?  'Cause I sure can!  But, then again, that's just me!  Who knows, perhaps one of us here might happen to have a bit of a "vested interest" in the matter?  Nah, I'm not going to go there!  What kind of fun would that be? ;-)

Moved the Spotify playlist that was previously embedded on this page to another page further along in this "book."  I determined that it was simply too distracting having it embedded here and only served to break the "flow" of the topics being discussed.  With that said, if you are interested in seeing the playlist that previously linked here, well, you're just gonna have to "trust me" and keep reading along until you find it ;-)  I promise, it is still "here"'s just not here anymore 🫠.

More songs to come!  This is just a teaser of sorts for now.  Please come back often and soon and often (oh, sorry, did I already mention "often" ;-)

May God bless you and yours this day as well as all future generations to come!  Remember, God Loves You!  Please, never, ever-ever forget that!  Now repeat after me..."God Loves Me!".  Now, doesn't that make you feel better?  No, seriously?!?

Oh, and please be sure to to check out a couple or more of the other pages on the site!  For some odd reason, seems like hardly anyone  - and I literally mean anyone - but a few folks here and there ever make it past the site's default homepage!  And I can't for the life of me figure out why that is!

Anyway, thank you at least for stopping by!  Hope you have a great sunrise/day/afternoon/evening/sunset/night/anything-else-I-might have-left-out time of day depending of course on wherever you happen to be located around the world at this time :-)

Your Friend and Brother in Christ,

Servant of God
Follower of Christ
Believer in God's Divine Plan
Searcher of Lost Souls in Need of a Savior

"I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..." - Romans 1:16 (ESV)

Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness. - Luke 11:34 (11:❤️💙)