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Let's Take a Break and Go Back to Where and When This All Started

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[Friday, 06/January/2023]

So, by now, you might be asking yourself, when did this all get started?Β  What happened to this guy that now makes him believe that's he's got some sort of "supernatural" connection with God and evidently the universe as a whole?
Well, it's good that you ask!Β  You see, back in June of 2021, I believe that God granted me an incredible opportunity to help out a dear friend of mine who was in dire need of assistance.Β  She passed away several years ago but - again,Β I [firmly] believe - had not moved on to Heaven yet.
The next page in this book will go into complete detail into what happened next, so I would just encourage you to read over it and come to your own conclusions.
I will warn you, however, it is a rather long read.Β  So, you might want to wait a bit until you feel like you'll have time to preferably read "the letter" in just one setting without interruption.