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I See What You Did There!

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[Tuesday, 03/January/2023]

Included below is a copy of a "conversation" I was having between myself and a few folks "Upstairs" a few days ago about getting to the bottom of this whole "11:34" thing (continue reading further in this online, web-based book for full details).  At that time, the website was completely locked down and firewalled off with the intention that no one else would ever see what I had published in my own "private wiki" of sorts.  But today, just a few short days later, I now make it available for all to see.




So, yet another small yet oh so significant piece of the ever-expanding puzzle!

19/December/2022 1134 Unique Visitor Hits
02/January/2023 413 Unique Visitor Hits

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me 🤗...

Interesting, so now we have our always popular 1134 and now we have a 413 for the second highest visitor page hit count on record.  Of course, one thing that immediately stands out is that if we were to simply rearrange the order of the numbers in "413" we would get "134" which would be the same as "1134" if we were to take away one of the "ones"!

Which naturally begs the question, where did the missing "one" bit run off to?  Just thinking out loud here but as I recall towards the end of our ~3 hour Heavenly version of Webex video chat the Saturday before last - which succeeded our ~3 hour video/audio chat session from the day before on Friday 23/December/2023 - was that the "One" Almighty Father had just made an emergency run down here to earth to seemingly save my behind from a greatly reduced, shallow breathing event for me immediately following the point in time that I shut down web services for the [redacted] website!


But, here's the kicker...I don't recall Him ever saying anything about going back Upstairs following this event!  Hmm, so I have to wonder now if perhaps, just perhaps, our "One" Almighty Father might have just decided to take a bit of an extended vacation down here with us folks???

And, if that were the case, what would transferring of that single bit do the balance of things Upstairs?  And, perhaps even more importantly, what would the gaining of that extra bit do for us, or perhaps more concisely said, what would it do for me [and perhaps even my wife and soulmate [redacted]]???

Oh yea, lest I forget to ask later, would anyone monitoring updates to this site happen to know anything about a sudden vision I had maybe about an hour ago or so that was specifically tied to the number 1134?

Anyone?  Anyone?  What, no takers? 😉


'Cause the image that flashed in my head specifically pointed out that one of the "one" bits in the number "11" was above in Heaven, while the other remaining "one" bit from that same number was tied to earth.  Hmm, very interesting!

Naturally, this then implies that the same split in the number 11 should also be applied to the number 34, right?  Right???  So, now the only thing remaining is which end gets the "3" and which end gets the "4"?  Earth or Heaven?  Or does the earth end get both the 3 and the 4?  While y'all keep the two "ones"?  I dunno.

Let's take a quick musical interlude for a moment  in dedication to my dear, wonderful, amazingly awesome friend [redacted] Ruth [redacted] who I believe represents "Team Heaven" in this little puzzle of sorts.  Ruthie girl, this one's for you baby!


Tip: This is not the same embedded Spotify playlist referred to a couple of pages back on the Perfection Imperfectively Perfected! page of this book...although, you are definitely getting closer! 🫠

"Project" temporarily on hold until Someone upstairs "talks" to me.

Get it?

Got it?


I'm also temporarily taking https://[redacted] offline for the same, EXACT reason!

Oh, and Someone/someones might wanna review that Spotify playlist I embedded above again!

(Hint, Hint!  Spoiler Alert...Y'all aren't gonna like it!)

[Tue Jan  3 12:01:20 CST 2023]

Added one, last song to the playlist above, please refresh the page.  My prayers go out to you all.  Hope for God's sake it all works out.  Goodbye!)