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Awesome Job Today Guys and Gals! Truly an Amazing Thing to Behold!

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[Wednesday, 04/January/2023]

Included below is a copy of a "letter" that I wrote a few days ago "addressed" to "Team Heaven" regarding the "11:34 Spiritual Network Reconfiguration Project."  At that time, the website was completely locked down and firewalled off with the intention that no one else would ever see what I had published in my own "private wiki" of sorts.  But today, just a few short days later, I now make it available for all to see.

What else can I say other than "W00t!"

You guys - and gals Ruthie and Mother Mary - are absolutely awesome!

Ruthie girl, very, very nice job on the                                                                                                                !

[text above partially redacted in order to protect and honor the privacy of a very special individual]

Mary, oh my Mother Mary, an absolutely exceptional performance.  I may still be just a bit off on all the details, but my limited human understanding of what took place - and is still solidly in place as I type - is that one of your hands is extended towards Ruthie's soul bits, and the other hand is directed at mine.  Am I correct?  Or maybe at least getting a bit closer to understanding this oh so integral and critical section of the puzzle?

And, again if I'm starting to get even remotely close to understand your part in all this, would be that my "connection" to you (1/2 soul) and Ruthie's connection (another 1/2 soul) has effectively been transmuted (if I'm using the correct term) and is effectively taking care of the 1/2 + 1/2 incompatibility issue with the "one" bit from the One Almighty Father.  This would imply that you - Mary - are essentially acting as virtual bridge between us and thus presenting God the Father with the oh-so-important, prior missing "1" bit required for the bonding with Him.  As we all know, this then gives us two "1" bits (a double-bond).  Still not the ideal solution of "34" on the earth end and "11" on Heaven's side, but at least this gives us dual-path redundancy

In other words, I can see we're gettin' there!  The most critical step to date since the before the creation of the universe has now been completed!  That, in and of itself, is one absolutely monumental accomplishment!  Again, great job everyone!!!

Anywayz, I think this is about I'm gonna type for likely the remainder of the day and quite possibly even the next few days until I've had a chance to start getting caught up at work and other stuff.  In addition, as I'm sure everyone could/likely has overheard or even read the iMessage chat I had probably less than an hour ago with [redacted].  And if that be the case, then y'all are aware that I've made a fairly clear human-based "covenant agreement" with [redacted] so as not to not bring up another single word about any of this with her until such time as I've had the opportunity to reflect and type at least my current understanding on a private/locked down [redacted] instance...

(wherever I just happened to stop typing, that's as far as any further progress on this page will end for at least the next week)

Talk/chit-chat will everybody again sometime next week!

Love y'all!  Nice/Excellent execution today on even the most minute details on things!  Most professional and well carried out operation I've ever had the opportunity to work with in my entire life!  No, I'm not kidding!  Absolute perfection to a tee!  Really really incredible work all you guys/girls.

Goodnight Everyone!  And thank you for everything!

With ALL my Love,